The Challenge

1. Women should be actively participating in their own future

Sexual expression online is largely optimized toward heterosexual men. It’s often devoid of fun, creativity, intelligent conversation, inspiration, and insight. Most importantly, male distributors, promoters and managers profit disproportionately to the female performers.

2. Women should reap fair financial benefits from their own assets

There is such a surplus of women willing to strip for such low amounts of money that camming websites are now saturated with bored-looking couples and women waiting to be tipped in return for on-demand behaviours.

3. Avoiding a vicious circle of deflation

If women don’t actively try and influence perception and conversation around the consumption of female nudity for their own pleasure, we will continue to see the female body devalued by both genders and the deflation of stripping/camming/porn platforms.

4. We need to find the common, mutually profitable ground between porn and burlesque

What can we do with burlesque and technology to create a shared, online experience for women, presented in such a way it takes us all forward? E.g. it’s a female-centric platform creating experiences that can be enjoyed by a broader audience.

5. Bring sexual appetite above ground

There isn’t a huge amount of money in burlesque and there’s still a lot of money in porn. The overlap between porn and burlesque is stripping and nudity, how can we bridge the gap and generate a healthy income for the women involved, without alienating a conservative majority?