• Live streaming
  • Video on Demand
  • VR
  • Projection mapping



Web currently saturated with erotic content through male lens. Women (and LGBT) deserve a space where they can celebrate their sexuality and bodies in a fun, vibrant, provocative and intelligent way.



  • Consent and active participation from burlesque community
  • Number of high-quality performances (production quality)
  • Unique visitors (level of interest)
  • Unique visitor to subscriber rate (sustained interest)
  • Subscribers (supporters)
  • Donations (recognition)
  • Donating visitors (interested visitors who don’t want to commit)



Burlesque involves nudity which is a business most people don’t want to touch. There are few platforms for LGBT and women, an audience that most tech entrepreneurs aren’t catering to… at least without alienating heterosexual men.



  • Web (how responsive can we make content?)
  • Mobile app (would need scoping, likely not a priority at launch)
  • Live streaming events
  • VR




  • 18-30 (students and recent graduates)
  • 30-45 (affluent, professional women)
  • Teenage girls (we need to reach young people at their most curious/rebellious/adventurous – if we’re going to stand a chance of influencing behaviour)
  • Couples – female initiator

[Straight] Men

  • Millennial Man (30-45) – term for the modern gentleman, capable of consuming porn and having intelligent conversation around the subject.
  • 18-30 (students and recent graduates)
  • Teenage boys (we need to reach young people at their most curious/rebellious/adventurous – if we’re going to stand a chance of influencing behaviour)
  • Couples – male initiator


  • Do we specifically engage this audience or implicitly include through diverse content?



  • Subscriber Acquisition costs
  • Distribution costs
  • Hosting
  • Human resources
  • Creative technology design and development
  • Artist royalties (music)



  • Resell video motion capture data
  • Subscriptions
  • Donations
  • Payment gateway for full nudity
  • Product Placement (could you purchase through the video)
  • Advertising (within strict style guidelines) – would we create a free version that was “offensively” designed. E.g. insane number of pop-ups, over-the-top ad kitsch
  • Digital content sales… images of performance (screensaver, desktop yada yada, music)



  • Can we gamify striptease so you have to earn it? You can fast track game/reveal levels through payment?
  • Would we consider full nudity at a game level that was both difficult and expensive? What other “play” obstacles could we put in place here? Complete a “champion of women” challenge? Visit website at a certain time of day, scroll 17 times and enter play zone with VR headset?
  • Dancer selection is random, but specific performers can be chosen at a significant premium
  • Ask up-and-coming performers to donate tracks, in return for royalties if burlesque performers select them
  • Could we include royalties for developers that upload code for certain projection-mapped effects? Would this be problematic?