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By the way, you may notice that I am not a designer (or for that matter a writer, video editor, game designer or specialist of any kind). If you are one of these people and come across this site and think “pah, I could do way better that this!”  Please feel free to reach out!


Site Look & Feel

Would this work as a comic? At least at an entry level. Could we start with a comic look and feel and add more detail as the visitor progressed through the various levels of the experience? Would this be odd or compelling?

Tentatively exploring this – because there of course needs to be a Minimum Viable Produce, Minimum Viable Experience and Minimum Viable Design. If I anchor this in imagery that is too complex from the beginning  – it will be challenging to maintain, but if I don’t invest enough effort in the look and feel – will I success in creating that “escapist” sensation?

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