Site Interior

  1. Homepage Experience Flow

20160829_142023There would be no automatic access to site content. Initial screening – if pass, move forward to site interior and if fail, moved to “Site Purgatory”.

1a. Site Interior (success)

1b. Site Purgatory for Bad Behaviour (fail)


Site Purgatory amplifies the worst aspects of human nature online, so you may end up in a bathroom-selfie gallery or solitary confinement with porn ads. How can we make this a really uncomfortable experience?

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1a. Site Interior (success)

Assuming you pass the login…

Taken into dark room


See a face in the dark


Introduce second gateway test….? Could you include a staring challenge, accommodating eye tracking?

Sexy Man Working on Laptop

Perhaps with a face that you wouldn’t necessarily expect? A face that you might find difficult to maintain eye contact with? What else would make this uncomfortable?

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You’re asked to choose a theme for your performance….


You’re given a choice whether you would like this in standard, HD or VR quality.

If VR – you can either take a challenge or pay to access the content.

VR content, assuming five-minute performance $2.99 to view once or $2.99 to share with five friends, through access code & site-invites.

Challenge may include:

  • Ten questions about the female orgasm / sex education (answers are multiple choice)
  • Ten recommendations to make the world a better place (access granted or denied once a human editor has reviewed answers)
  • A video audition of serenade to the website

If challenge succeeds, access to VR content

1b. Site Purgatory for Bad Behaviour (reprise)

If challenge fails, each subsequent visit to the URL will take them to Limbo in Misogynistic User Generated Content (LiMUGC), where they must spend a week before getting a chance to access the site again. Cookie/session ID logs amount of active time in this space.

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