Platform Experience (Homepage)

This platform is imagined as form on online nightclub, with burlesque as the core experience, perhaps a site that is only open for several hours a day, across different time zones.


A “homepage” / initial landing page, to be deliberately opaque… perhaps a blank screen or full-screen image of a door, in a wall, where you must “knock” (click on the door) to come in. The knock triggers someone to open a screen, where you’re asked to consent to your face being scanned.




“Facial scanning seems like a lot to demand from a visitor to a website…” I hear you mutter to yourself.

And I agree.

It might be too much.


I also considered a special login consisting of an anatomical diagram of the vulva, which you’d have to label correctly to gain access. I felt if guys are exposed to so much sexual content online, some of it should at least be educational; humourously provocative in the sense of re-humanising a sexually-objectified woman.

Pin the clitoris on the vulva…

In any case I want the site experience to be accessible and earned, for a few reasons.

  1. A degree of accountability, without demanding identity
  2. The expectation of a real human visiting the site and paying attention
  3. This is not free content for you to consume without giving something in return. You are invited to engage with us. You are a guest. You are not in control. We are not to be taken for granted.