Idea Journey

Once upon a time there was a fictional story about a school that trained young women in a traditional curriculum, alongside programming, engineering and seduction arts (how to influence under the radar).

The story was originally written for a screenplay, but then rewired as a framework for interactive narrative across online channels.

And then we wondered what would happen if we tried to design a school that did actually train women in “power”. What would that look like?

And we arrived at burlesque… accommodating seduction, theatre, intelligent and inclusive narrative and humour. Most importantly, the woman leads the experience.

In interviewing burlesque dancers, it turns out we couldn’t really discuss striptease without some acknowledgement of the stripping, camming and porn industries.

And even though the intersection between burlesque, stripping, camming and porn is female nudity, it turns out women aren’t financially benefitting from the promotion of their bodies.

Some people told me to leave this enquiry alone. That I would not be taken seriously.

Many more told me it was awesome and that I should definitely pursue the idea.

So I’ve had a look at some porn, camming and burlesque websites. From some initial research (both superficial and subjective) it’s an over-saturated landscape, with poorly designed, unimaginative websites, a user-experience that discourages acknowledgement and ownership of sexual preference and a very narrow experience of physical appearance and sexual interaction.

So here we are, with some key questions:

  • Can we mash up physical experience with digital special effects to create a radically new entertainment platform?
  • Can we create a platform that will empower women without alienating men?
  • Can we create a multi-revenue platform that can generate a reasonable income for all women that parter with Hussyl?
  • What is the Minimum Viable Experience that will be accessible to launch?
  • If we could personify “feminism” as an online experience to evoke empathy, what would this look like?