Business Model (WIP)

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Revenue Model:

Playform subscriptions

  • Women -free (in return for membership equity)
    • Membership equity earned by responding to messages from men and moderating language – to ensure this remains a gentlemen’s club. This is not a site to pick up women or cherrypick bodies and sexual preferences
    • See examples from Monica Hamburg in #Craigslost thread on Dazed and Convicted 

  • Implement language algorithm that checks for bad grammar. If you accrue so many bad grammar points – sent to playform purgatory. By all means type with one hand, but make sure you can still string a sentence together.

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  • Initial free memberships have to be nominated by others (?)
    • Activated within 72 hours
    • Gift membership must be maintained by minimum 4 logins each month
    • Gift membership enhanced by 12 logins each month
  • Men – paid memberships, though a woman with membership can invite a guy, applying the same rules detailed above
  • Paid membership $10 month or $100 for the year
  • Is there a form of subscription where we would give away headsets?
    • Perhaps donate to couples (based on video audition with permission to publish)
    • Could we use eye-tracking or gesture as a log-on? Would we incorporate machine learning to make suggestions to the couple, based on how they behave and what they consumer individually?



  • Tip at the end of a performance/during performance
  • Payment gateway for full nudity
    • Body roulette or profile tool – can’t shop for body type.
    • Choose striptease by mood?


Advertising (within strict style guidelines) –

Advertising for good user behaviour path

Product Placement

(Could you purchase through the video? Apparently this is possible – but unconfirmed by BNOTIONS team)

If women watch, could they favourite the clothing, make-up and hair of performers – a bit like Pinterest? This information is logged and stored and the user can purchase from the site – with a discount / reward for loyalty.

  • Agent Provocateur
  • MAC cosmetics
  • Kurt Geiger

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// Want upmarket brands associated with site, but also don’t want brand association to be unaffordable for the majority of women

Advertising for bad user behaviour path (when guys are rude in chatting with performers or refuse to subscribe etc)

Would we create a free version that was “offensively” designed. E.g. insane number of pop-ups, over-the-top ad kitsch, brands you don’t want to see?

  • STD treatments
  • Thrush cream
  • Tampax and sanitary care products
  • Femidoms
  • Weird condoms
  • Obscure sex toys
  • Offensive porn ads



Digital content sales… images of performance (screensaver, desktop yada yada, music)

Would we seek out and emerging music acts – play their content on the website, royalty free or % of advertising around certain performances. Or simply affiliate links to pay for and download music.

// How do you source music from unsigned bands who may consider trading their music for exposure?

Motion capture data


VR burlesque film downloads

(these will be minimal at the beginning)


Market Size

No figures yet for burlesque market size in US, Canada or UK.

Possibly no figures at all for online burlesque market?

Would an online burlesque market be at the intersection of online consumption for gaming (online sex games, problem-solving and VR categories), streaming media (theatre/film) and porn? Estimate market size by taking a % of each of these other markets?